Monday, June 7, 2021

TQC Journal | Summer 2021 - issue no. 1

M i n i    M o n d a y s 
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Summer is here. This really simple project would be perfect to
hand quilt out on the patio, don't you think? Grab your Mini-a-Month
 Postcard Collection and a glass of ice tea and get started. We are sold
out of our Mini-a-Month Postcards for this year. A whole new
collection will be available sooner thank you think. 

 S u m m e r   S t a r s
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I am going to be working on these sweet stars this summer. 
I am hoping you want to sew along with me. Do you?
Initially I was going to make just a few, enough for a small
quilt, but I love them so much I think I am going to make a 
small throw size quilt. A quilt approximately 50" x 60" is
my favorite size so that is what I am aiming for, 99 stars!
I have including lots of different options and sizes along
with the star block pattern. You can choose what works 
best for you. I will post my progress here and on Instagram

Take a look at the vintage quilt that is inspiring Summer Stars.
Download the pattern below and get started today.

Check out lots of other vintage quilts that inspire me
on my Quilting || Antique Pinterest board.

R e p r o   R e d s   P r e - o r d e r s
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Don't forget pre orders have begun for my latest line Repro Reds. 
Get all the details and place an order here and check out our new
block of the month Woven | Red and sign up today here. 

@ t e m e c u l a q u i l t c o
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Here is what's happening on Instagram
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S c r a p p y   S u m m e r 
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What could be better than a little scrappy summer
sewing. We will feature a different scrap loving pattern
 each week at a discounted price. Download Church Windows
below and get started today.  
I hope you like this new format. I am going to give it a try
for the summer. I will be only be posting once a week so
be sure not to miss anything by subscribing on the sidebar. 


  1. I will certainly be looking for Repro Reds at my local quilt store. Gorgeous fabrics!

  2. Been trying to add to my reds every chance I can. Son wants a red/white quilt

  3. Oh my, oh my! I am so very much looking forward to the Woven Red BOM!