Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scrappy Little Houses
Have you caught the little house bug. It is an epidemic on a lot
of quilt blogs. It all started here in the Netherlands.They are
 fun "little" blocks and it is amazing to be working on a project
with quilter's  from all over the world. It is not to late to
 get started, I am making blocks here and there and
 not trying to make one a day like Jeanneke is.
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Note ***If you do not see an English version
 email her and she will add one.


Jeanneke said...

Hello Sheryl,
just lóve your little houses, they are so cute.

Sue said...

Wow. Yours are beautiful! I really need to get started with mine. I don't know what's holding me up. Laziness I guess :/

Richard Healey said...

I have caught the bug just dont have time to run with it. They are just totally cool.

Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.

Doniene said...

Cute little houses!! I love seeing all the houses out there, even though I'm not participating!

Jeanne said...

Love the houses in the repro fabrics! Hope you make many more.

Nancy said...

Very cute! But I believe the house bug has been around for quite awhile. I remember when HGTV did a year of houses called Strolling the Block. Why do I remember?
Because it's one of my unfinished projects. :-) I got as far as July. It might have been as long ago as ten years when the patterns were first given. You've given me the impetus to finish it now!! Thanks

Louise said...

I have admired these little house blocks on other blogs and was not surprised to see you jump on board. I know I can't start this year on it just too many new starts already and all of them ginormous! Thank you for posting yours....love 'em.
Wanted to let you know once again how happy I am with the Calico Garden fabric packs.

Anonymous said...

love the houses but can't you crop your pictures straight. It doesn't come accross as artistic as you might think. Very lame!

quiltcat said...

oh, your houses are also so sweet. on my blog also you can se the little houses from janneke, that I make.
have a good day
mg elfriede

Karen said...

I really disagree with anonymous!!! I think your website is one of the most artistic quilting sites I1ve seen. It feels like a very intimate business instead of BIG business. Please do not change a thing on your site. Karen

pricillaprecise said...

Well, good grief, Anonymous - are you the art police, or what ?! And seeing that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" who is to decide what's "right" or "wrong". If you don't like it - leave it - making negative comments slows you down.