Friday, January 31, 2014

Fussy Friday #5

Jo Morton - Andover - 
Love this one. It is so fun to see how they turn out.
Here is a little trick to help you with fabric selection.
You will need your diamond template, fabric and a mirror.
My mirror was a gift, thanks Nicole. She got it at Sephora.

Lay your template on the fabric like you are thinking about cutting it.
Look in the mirror and it gives you an idea of how it will come out.
Neat trick, I learn a lot from my customers. 


moosecraft said...

Presto! Very neat trick indeed! Thank you!

Cathy said...

Hi Sherryl!
We have de same idea, the same fabric, but not the same star!!
You can see mine on my blog, I posted there are fews hours!! Thank you for this Fussy Cut Friday!

LJ said...

I love seeing your stars. I've seen that mirror trick; it looks like a great idea. I may have to improvise with a couple of home mirrors. Thanks for the reminder.

grandma marylin said...

Very neat! This one looks transparent!

grandma marylin said...
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