Monday, May 22, 2017

Baked To Perfection

I loved the comment on Facebook "Baked to Perfection" 
This Anniversary Cake quilt is the perfect way to 
commemorate 10 years in business. I love it!!!
Thank you so much to everyone who took the time
to make a block and send it to me. I will always treasure it. 
 Anniversary Cake Stats
238 | 3-1/2" cake blocks
Finished Quilt | 49" x 59"
Loads of wonderful reproduction fabric and
blocks from all over the world, what a treat!
There are blocks from almost every state as well as the 
Netherlands, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France,
England, Ireland and Germany. 
 A few close ups, hopefully you can find your block. 
Also look for the blocks with no signatures. If one of them
is yours please let me know so I can add your name. 
Again Thank you so much for helping me make this beauty.


  1. Thank you for inviting us to participate in this project. The finished quilt looks great. Such a lovely keepsake. (I found my block.)
    Christine from Ontario

  2. This is "sew" cool!! What an amazing quilt!! If people everywhere would work together,like all of y'all did on the quilt, amazing things happen. How great!! Have a wonderful day!!

  3. "Baked To Perfection" turned out beautifully!! Thank you for sharing so many great close up photos. I located my block (3rd row from bottom, 6th one in from the left). It was so much fun finding my block!!! And again, congratulations on your 10th year!!

  4. This is the perfect anniversary quilt. Congratulations on your first 10 years!

  5. Love the outcome! Found my block--seven across and seven down. : )

  6. What a cool idea. Just love it

  7. I think I've located mine, top row, sixth block from the left. Love how it turned out!

  8. Holy Mary!! I can't believe I found my block and my mom's block!! It's a beautiful quilt and a fitting tribute to you and your shop! I'm glad we had the opportunity to join the fun! Thank you for inviting us all! Congratulations on your milestone!!

  9. Found my block, too! 2nd row, last block on the right hand side.

  10. It was so fun to be a part of this quilt! It's beautiful! Congratulations on your 10th year! I found my block!

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