Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sorry I have been missing in action. Where does the time go.
We have sold a lot of red and white fabric and can't wait
 to see every one's creations. Don't forget to plan a trip to
visit in October. If you would like to join our challenge
get more info here or order your red and white fabric here

Note: the booklet in the crock is a publication
 from the 1940's. It was 45 cents back in the day
and may be available on ebay, sorry not for sale.


  1. hmmm love this pic !! I didn't know your blog !! I'll take time today to look and read more !

  2. Is that "quilts" booklet tucked into the crock with a quilt a magazine, pattern book or was that the brochure from the Red and White exhibit? I'd love to get a copy if available. Love your blog.