Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Star #4
Week Four Center
Cut two 2" squares from light
Cut two 2" squares from medium
- - - - - - - - - - -
- Draw a diagonal line on wrong side of
light squares.
- Pair up medium and light squares and sew
1/4" on each side of line. Cut on line, press
- Square up half square triangle to 1-1/2"
- Piece half sqaure triangles using photo.
Block will be 2-1/2" unfinished.
- Piece star block and square to 4-1/2"


  1. I'm getting this stitched up today. Loving this little project.
    And I am finishing #3 of the four sets of Blessings Baskets I started back in March. : )

  2. Really enjoying this little sew along; thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I've just discovered your Summer Star series and love them! In the long list of quilts to make that I keep in my little head there is one that is small stars in varying shades of brown and tan, with maybe a little pink. I'm thinking that these would be lovely - thanks for the inspiration. Given their size though it will likely be several years before I have a quilt made (I like to stitch by hand as much as possible).

  4. Thank you!! I just got caught up this morning in time for this little cutie.

  5. Four done.. and waiting for Friday! A little touch of TQC in Idaho. Thanks!

  6. Great summer fun...all caught up and ready for Friday!

  7. Thank you very much for sharing your lovely stitch-along projects. I am really enjoying them and have shown several friends who are also going to make them.
    Cheers, Janette

  8. I am loving your star series. I have admired your store for ages - the copy of Quilt Sampler that featured you is my favourite, but I only just discovered you have a blog. Yay!