Monday, August 13, 2012

A Story
This story will explain why your ruler box is not in the mail:

Once upon a time, my husband started making ruler boxes
again. He said, "I have 30 large boxes and 40 small boxes
made, go ahead and put them back on the website. That should
last for a while and if you need a few extras I can make them when
 I get back from my back packing trip in the Sierra's."
- - - - - - - - - - -
So I got them all set up on the website and let everyone know
with this blog post that they were available again. Well,
I guess there are a lot of ruler box lovers out there because
the response has been overwhelming and, needless to say,
I was not prepared for so many orders. So as soon as my
husband returns from his trip he will be spending his 
days in the garage with his trusty nail gun and I will get
them in the mail to you as quickly as I can.
Thank you for understanding.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Note: Quilt pictured is our August Monthly Mini.
Sorry there are no kits available for this project.


  1. Sheryl, on several pinterest sites I have perused, there's a picture of a little ruler box like the ones your husband makes. Other than the fact that the boxes are really neat, that may explain some of the increase in orders. I'll email you a copy of the picture (tomorrow).

  2. I kept meaning to place an order for them and then saw this post today. Should I wait to order or just put in a back order?

  3. Saw the Temecula wildfire pics on morning news. Thinking of you there.

  4. I want to order one of the boxes, just found your blog. How do I order?

  5. Hey Sheryl, I so love my little box! Here is what mine became, I have told you about in person, but hey, a picture always explains better, right?



  6. Hello Pokey :) I loved what you made with your small yardstick box!