Saturday, October 26, 2013

Countdown to Christmas

Are you ready for another Sew Along. 
You will need to trust me on this one. 
It will be a bit of a secret at first. 
This is the color palette I am using. Reds, tans and creams.
 Here are your cutting instructions:
You will need to cut 24 sets like this.
1 light 2-1/4" square
4 light 1" squares
1 dark 1-1/2" square
4 dark 1-3/8" squares
You will need to cut a pile of 1-1/2" light solid and dark print strips
You will need to cut 156 - 2-1/2" light print squares
- - - - - - - - - - 
These are the cutting instructions to get started. 
Starting November 1st I will post the tutorial for 
the cute little 2" blocks we will be making.
Can you guess what they will be?


  1. I'm in...can we get a roll of that wonderful fabric?

  2. Great, I hope this will become those lovely tiny stars from the blue&white quilt you showed on the earlier page!

  3. I'm ready for Italy... but it's a calendar advent??
    ciao Maria

  4. I am thinking about it...Is it candy canes?

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  6. An Advent calendar, looking forward
    to seeing all the parts coming together, thankyou for your generosity, and sharing these fun
    projects with us near and far.

  7. Red & White! Oh my, I think stars and tiny 9-patches.

  8. I was thinking a square in a square but can't see how these two would then finish into a 2" square and they are both different sizes - so good mystery! Guess I will be cutting today!

  9. I have no idea what pattern it will be but I know that I will love it. I love all of your ideas.

  10. I have no idea what pattern it will be but I know that I will love it. I love all of your ideas.

  11. oooooooh it sounds like sssooo much fun!!!!! Count me in, i love surprises :)))))) cheers... Marian

  12. I have no idea of what the block will look like but I am cutting and looking forward to it. I am still making bow tie blocks and love them all.

  13. Stars?I`m in,can´t wait for the fun!

  14. I am also still making bow ties - but I'm in. Will start cutting this week so I'll be ready by Friday!

  15. Ok I am ready to cut fabric! Friends are also... 24 sets? hmmm 24 days to Christmas countdown? I am also thinking stars!

  16. Sounds exciting. I love a mystery.
    It could be an advent calendar. :-)

  17. Hoping to join in on this one Sheryl, as always your projects are beautiful.
    Stars possibly?

  18. Well I am stuck I am thinking an Advent something
    Are the tans/creams and the red with prints
    All dark and light ?
    So for my sets (24)
    Some tan with cream?
    Some red with red and white ?
    Some reds with cream ?
    Some tans with red and cream ?

    The light print squares don't look very much lighter than the dark print strips

    So do I need to wait to get a feel for this before I cut?
    I am new to this ( can you tell) but game to play and learn love your blog

  19. How many reds do I want? Looks like fun to me

  20. How many reds do I want? Looks like fun to me

  21. I just LOVE the Midwinter Reds collection. Can you at least tell us the size of the quilt, so we can decide whether we want to double the amount of fabric we buy?