Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dear Jane Journal

I work best with a plan. I do not want this project to linger on and on.
I am setting a goal of 13 months. That will be one row and 4 triangles
each month. It does not really sound that bad, right?. Please remind
 me I said this when I start to fall behind. Here are a few of
 the things I have gathered to make things go a little smoother. 
1. I spiral bound my Dear Jane book. It makes it easier to 
work with and do copying if necessary.
2. Pins with flat heads, necessary for paper piecing 
and the box is so cute.
3. Carol Doak's Foundation Paper for printing blocks.
4. A presentation notebook to organize monthly patterns.
5. Dear Jane square and triangle rulers ( not pictured )
I will some of these items in the shop and online soon. 
I have the Dear Jane software from the Electric Quilt Company.
I will be using this to print rotary instruction and foundation patterns.
If you do not have this you can refer to thatquilt for tips 
on block construction or measure them out yourself. 
I will not be offering block construction tips here. My goal is
to get all those unfinished quilts out of the boxes in your closets
 and to keep you motivated whatever your goal is.
I will check in every Tuesday with my weekly progress
 and would love to here how you are doing.
Of course I will be using the traditional Dear Jane colors and layout.
I am starting with A-1 and working my way along in order.
This week I went a little crazy.
 13 blocks - Row 1 complete 
I will also be posting each block individually when they are
 completed on Instagram so you can follow along there too.
Set a goal and lets get busy.


  1. You're very organized, but it works good with this quilt. I have half of mine done. I need to get working on this again.

  2. Love your organization! See you soon!

  3. Great plan! I look forward to watching this grow.

  4. Well, I can see your ship has sailed Sheryl! Bravo:) I got my book spiral bound this week and thought I was ahead:)

  5. je viens de terminer le mien...

    Bises et bonne soirée

  6. Great start! Mine has been in a holding pattern since Christmas. Thanks for the motivation to get back on track.

  7. If anyone is sitting on the fence, I am going to say that the ruler set is well worth buying. The square one is nice, but now I am working on the triangles, I am SO VERY GLAD I have the triangle one!