Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finishing A Small Quilt

I am addicted to making small quilts. They are fun because
they are simple and fast. Here is what you will need.
Small quilt top
Fat Quarter for backing
Two 1-1/2" x width of fabrics strips for binding
Flannel for batting - I like flannel instead of batting because
it is easier to get the needle through.

Layer quilt top - flannel - backing
Baste three layers together using large stitches.
Hand quilt your desired design. I like to use YLI Cotton Quilting Thread.
To prepare binding sew two 1-1/2" strips together using your
favorite technique. Press one long edge under 1/4". 
Attach binding to quilt placing raw edge of binding 
on right side of quilt top along raw edge. 
Sew in place the same way you would a regular binding. 
Press open and hand stitch down on wrong side of quilt.
I love the look of a little hand quilted project fresh out of the dryer.


  1. Simple enough! Beautiufl little quilt! The border and binding fabric is gorgeous!

  2. Easy Peasy! And oh, sew cute!!! HUGS... and stitches

  3. Such a sweet little tutorial, thank you. Just the inspiration I needed to get one done!

  4. YLI is my favorite too for hand quilting!

  5. What fabric was used for the border?

  6. I spy that you have in your little quilt one that I have in my stash - the claret with tiny pomegranates (bottom left). I am so glad to read of your use of flannel as I just bought some but forgot where I read about it. Thank you for your posts.

  7. I had no idea about YLI. I kept trying to machine quilt with it. I recently threw 4 spools away. Wish I had known. Thank you for the hand quilting project. That is something I really want to do. I will use some 40wt or even 28wt Aurifil, since the other is gone! Loved this post. Thank you very much.