Thursday, July 17, 2014

Postcard Patterns

4 Patch Passport
16 Stop Road Trip
Hourglass Arrival
Log Cabin Luggage
Suitcase Sampler
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 Summer is the perfect time to send a postcard to a friend,
so let me send you one or all five of our new Postcard Patterns.
We also have little kits for each Postcard Pattern.
You can order the kits here and Postcard Patterns here
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This years Summer Shop Hop had quilters traveling around the world.
Your order will arrive with a little souvenir from England.
Each Postcard Pattern Kit come packaged in one of these
new little Temecula Quilt Co zippered project tote.
(tote dimensions 5" x 8")
If you just want the tote you can purchase one here.
Last but certainly not least. Teresa's Tote Basket patterns
are finally available. Thanks to Nicole this pattern is a reality.
Please remember that you will need to find a basket to use this pattern.
We have found them in the past at Stein Mart, Home Goods and Kirkland.
You can see the basket style you are looking for here 


  1. What's the idea of the post card quilts. Are they a certain size or do you write on the back. I have not heard of these before

  2. Where can I purchase a Teresa's Tote Basket Pattern? A photo came up in my Pinterest feed and I just love them!