Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dear Jane Journal

 Here is what Jane and I have been up to. 
7 Rows completed.

Top Row and Right Side Triangles finished.
4 Bottom Row Triangles complete.
One Corner Triangle finished.
January's blocks are in the works. 5 Row G blocks complete.
I am keeping up and still on track to complete in 13 months.
How is your Dear Jane coming along?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Coming soon another great English Paper Piecing Project.
Here is a look at our 2014 project. This years project will be
 a little smaller and a different shape but equally addicting. 


  1. Just beautiful, your time management is impressive!

  2. Been there done that with the Dear Jane. Love what you have done! Paula in KY.

  3. Your blocks are gorgeous! I'm working on one too, but haven't gotten as far. Maybe I can make a lot of progress this year!

  4. Beautiful! But what a lot of work.

  5. Wat zijn ze beiden mooi. Groetjes Wilma

  6. I love the colour way you have chosen.

  7. Your DJ is soooo impressive! Mine is still sitting in the closet!

  8. Your Jane is beautiful. Such an inspiration. I am making one in the potholder method and have just finished all the inner blocks. Each one is quilted and bound and they are just waiting for me to finish the triangle border pieces so I can whip them all together. Whoop, whoop! I must say you have definitely inspired me to keep going. Thanks a million!

  9. Your inspiring indeed! And your commitment to stay with Jane puts me in awe. She & I will too do this quilt, she's on my 'sewing bucket' list.
    Keep the photos coming, love your colour styling!
    Cynthia in Canada

  10. Thanks for sharing your progress and the view of blue skies.

  11. I love your Jane quilt! it's one of my favorites of all I've seen The colors are so ... LOVELY!!!!

  12. Bravo il est vraiment très beau ,
    Le mien est enfin en sandwich
    La cocotte de kiev

  13. Absolutely beautiful, your work always inspires me.
    I am still collecting Red, White & Blue CW fabrics before I commence my DJ.
    Intrigued re this years English Paper Pieced Project another stunning quilt.
    Thanks for sharing Sheryl.

  14. Your Dear Jane has beautiful fabrics.
    i an also making a dear Jane quilt but use pink and red fabrics.
    have a beautiful day, greetings from the Netherlands, Holland.