Thursday, March 2, 2017

Anniversary Cake

We are celebrating a milestone today | 10 years in business 
We would love to have you help us commemorate this special day. 
This darling antique signature quilt caught my eye several years
ago and I have been looking forward to having you help me make it.
I would love it if you could make a block, sign it and send it to me.
A few things to keep in mind
Please use muslin colored solid for light pieces
If possible use your favorite color reproduction fabric for dark print.
Sign your name using a permanent pen
Cutting from top to bottom
Row One - 2 | 7/8" squares
Row Two - 1 | 1-1/4" square-dark 2 | 1-1/4" x 2" rectangles-light
Row Three - 1-1/4" x 1-3/4" rectangles | 2 light | 1 dark
Row Four - 1 |1-1/4" x 2-3/4" rectangle-dark 2 | 1-1/4" squares-light
Row Five - 1 | 1-1/4" x 2-1/4" rectangle-light
2 | 1" x 1-1/4" rectangle 2 light | 2 dark
Row Six - 1 | 1-1/4" x 4-1/4"
Using 1-1/4" x 2-1/4" light rectangle add your signature
Please use a permanent black pen.
Write your name city and state.
Sheryl Johnson
Temecula, California
To make cake top follow the diagram above.
Sew light 7/8" square diagonally to 1-1/4" dark square
Trim corner and press open
Repeat with second 7/8" square
Sew each row together as shown.
Sew rows together.
Block should be 4-1/4" unfinished
+ + + + + +
We cannot wait to get all this fun mail from you.
Please try to have it in the mail to us by March 31
Our mailing address is
Temecula Quilt Co
33353 Temecula Parkway
Temecula CA 92592


  1. Oh how darling!! I'm making one :D

  2. This quilt is on my to do list too ! It will be fun to make a block for you !

  3. Congratulations Sheryl!! What a darling little quilt :))
    I would love to make a block for you but i live in Australia.. is that okay?? cheers... Marian

  4. Adorable! I'm a hand sewer, is that acceptable?

  5. Is the 'muslin colored solid' to be bleached or unbleached?

  6. Congrats Sheryl! My block is in the mail.

  7. Congrats Sheryl! My block is in the mail.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Your cake is in the mail!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! Mailed mine out today!

  10. Posted my cake block today from Australia - hope it will arrive in time!

  11. I mailed mine today(3-22-17)from Utah. Happy 10th Anniversary! I just LOVE this quilt. Can't wait to see it finished!!