Friday, March 17, 2017

Quilts For A Cause

Ten years of samples for the shop has left me with a wagon load of quilts. 
Instead of keeping them locked up in a closet I thought they should 
be put to use for a better cause. My daughters friend Chelsea has 
dedicated more than 10 years of her life to at risk children in the Ukraine.
You can read all about their amazing work here
 Open Arms Ukraine will be auctioning these quilts
off starting tomorrow on their Facebook page 


  1. May these quilts keep many warm and cozy for years to come!

  2. That's an amazing thing for you to do. They will be loved

  3. Very very generous of you!
    Love the photo of the quilts in the wagon!

  4. Your quilts are AWESOME! You are so generous with your talents and time. I love your blog and visit often. Hope you have a nice weekend.