Wednesday, October 3, 2018


The HUGE news that you might have missed if you
do not follow me on Instagram is that I have designed
a line of fabric for Marcus Brothers!
Temecula Treasures will be in quilt shop early 2019.
We have a lot of great projects planned and also the
return of one of our favorite Blocks of the Months. 
Of course I had to cut right into it and make a little quilt
 I do not usually have a hard time throwing away
little bits and pieces, this time it was a little different.
This cute little quilt is displayed in the shop and
it is still one of the most asked about projects. If you
would like to make one, check out the free tutorial here. 
We have lots of great new fabric in the shop. If you
  are local, it is the perfect time to stop by for a visit. 


  1. I dont' do Instagram so thanks for posting that news on your blog. I think I saw something about it on FB too. Congrats ! I 'll be looking for some when it goes on sale.
    cheers Melody

  2. Hope you give credit to the retired designer whose scrappy quilts are appearing on other forums! She's not cutting strips but using 2" x 1/2" and smaller strips that are left over from cutting for larger quilts. Love her work!

    1. I am not sure who you are referring to. I always want to give credit where it is due. I hope you will explain?

  3. That is one gorgeous stack of fabric that you designed. Congrats.

  4. Love the new line of fabric. Do I spot chorme yellow in the stack? I am looking for some.

  5. Gorgeous fabrics! And, I enjoyed stitching up that little quilt when it was offered as a Summer Block of the Week! I understand completely why so many folks have asked about it....it's one of my favorites! :-)

  6. How exciting to have your fabric designs published and for sale for us to sew with. I like the basket quilt (previously shown) with its many colors and fabrics. Your fabrics are just the thing to turn a boring brown basket into a charming and interesting one. Using your colorful fabric will brighten our days.

  7. Where do I find Secret Santa Sew Along Step 1? Thanks!