Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dashing Through The Snow

Several months ago I was out of projects and decided to 
make some red and white Churn Dash blocks to fill the time.
I had a different plan for them at the time, but then one day
a few pretty greens arrived at the shop and I changed my
mind and decided to make a red and green quilt instead. 
It came out so cute I thought you might like to make one too. 
I will be posting friendly reminders each week and a sneak
peek at the finished quilt is coming soon. 

My quilt finishes 47" x 59" and contains 111 - 3" Churn Dash blocks
and 110 - 3-1/2" cut green squares cut from a variety of prints. 
If you make 12 Churn Dash blocks each week for 9 weeks
you will have enough to make this quilt and have it ready for Christmas. 
(you will need to make three extra blocks to have 111)

Here are the simple instructions for one block. 
Cut the following from red:
2 squares, 2" x 2"
1 strip, 1" x 8"
Cut the following from light:
1 square, 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"
2 squares, 2" x 2"
1 strip, 1" x 8"
Using 2" light and red squares make 4 half 
square triangles as follows:
1. Draw a diagonal line on wrong side of light squares.
2. Layer a light and red square together.
3. Sew 1/4" from both sides of the drawn line.
4. Cut on line to yield four half square triangles.
5. Trim half square triangles to 1-1/2"
Strip piece light and red 1" strips together.
Press toward the dark and sub-cut into
four 1-1/2" units.
Layout block in rows, as pictured.
Sew the pieces together in rows.
Join the rows together and press. 
Finished block should measure 3-1/2" 
including seam allowances.


  1. I have been loving making 3" finished blocks lately so I'm in on this!

  2. I love these! Can't wait to get started!!

  3. Yes of course I would love to make these little blocks! My Wednesday quilt turned out fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

  4. I'm definitely joining in. Love this

  5. Love your fabrics! One of my favorite quilt blocks.

  6. A good way to use up all those special red and green fabrics. Love the churn dash block, and it looks easy to make.

  7. Very excited to begin. Thank you.

  8. This will be so pretty. I have to say I'm stuck on "I was out of projects." :) I don't think I will be there ever before I die.

  9. Seams open or to the side? The small blocks always seem so bulky in the back for me.

    1. As a general rule I do not press seams open. I like to press them in the direction that has the least bulk.