Friday, November 8, 2019

Perfect Pincushion

This cute little pincushion is quick and easy to make.
Now is the time to get started and make some 
truly treasured gifts for your friends.
 Clover's Create-a-Pincushion makes it simple.
You can order one here. 
Get creative with your pincushion topper or use
 the instructions below to make one like mine.

From a variety of prints cut 18 squares, 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"
(18 squares will make enough for two pincushions)
From border fabric cut: 
2 squares 2" x 2" and 2 rectangles, 2" x 5"

Make the Block
- Pair up squares and draw a line from corner to corner 
on wrong side of the lighter square from each pair. 
- Sew 1/4" from both sides of the drawn line.
- Cut on line to yield two half-square-triangles.
- Square each unit to 1" x 1", including the seam allowance.
- Piece together as pictured above. 
- Block will finish 2" x 2" including seam allowances
- Add borders to block.  
I always like to fill my pincushions with crushed walnut 
shells.You can buy a bag at the pet store in the reptile
 section, they are used for lizard bedding.
I made little sachets using a pair of knee high nylons,
 small hair elastics and crushed walnut shells. Fill nylon
with walnut shells, making sure it fits nicely inside bottom 
of pincushion and close top tight with elastic. Flip upside 
down so gathered part is hidden inside.
Center block on top of filler sachet and secure in place 
with another hair elastic. Adjust and smooth out any tucks. 
Roll silicone O-ring, included in kit into place and adjust fabric
again. Trim fabric and finish by slipping outer ring into place. 
A homemade gift is always special. How many people are on
your list? Order your Create-a-Pincushion  here and get started.