Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bygone Browns

I am so excited to introduce my new line - Bygone Browns.
This new collection offers stash-worthy browns that are essential
to recreate the antique quilts that inspire me. A Gorgeous mix of
creams, caramels, chocolates and blacks. The colors are strong and 
clean, in wonderful little geometric's and motifs that capture the feel
 of the vintage prints found in many of the quilts in my collection.
Each print is named after a special little girl from a bygone era
and I can't wait to share the special little doll quilts I have
re-made for A Collection of Bygone Doll Quilts. 
I am also working on several large quilts featuring
Bygone Browns and look forward to sharing them with you.

Of course we will have kits and bundles available for you
 to be able to add Bygone Browns to your stash as well. 
Bygone Browns will be shipping in July and we will 
start pre-orders in a few weeks. 


  1. Looking forward to it and saving up... brown is one of my favorites !

  2. Are these actual reproductions of 1800 prints? Very cute.

    1. I do use piece of vintage fabric as inspiration and try to get as close as possible.

  3. These are lovely! I'll be watching for their availability!

  4. I can't wait to sign up. Put me on your list now please.

    Benita Berman

  5. Excited about these! Put me on your list!!

  6. Beautiful collection of browns! I am looking forward to adding them to my series of charm quilts.
    Would really love to see a collection of purples?

  7. Love! Put me on the preorder list along with that fun little book, is it new?

  8. OMG - they are gorgeous. Browns and golds are something I am always on the look out for. Your fabric is beautiful. Please put me on the list right now too.

  9. The mere mention of caramels and chocolates has me excited about these fabrics. I like geometric motifs. I would like a collection of purples, too.

  10. I love browns. That’s the color I wore many years ago. I would be interested in seeing your prices for some fat eighths if you are going to have them. If not then fat quarters. Great collection.

  11. Beautiful collection of browns, creams and caramels. Looking forward to pre-ordering these!