Monday, September 21, 2020

Down Home Darling

How is your stitching going? Did you like using Batch Piecing?
Grab your light strips and lets add another side. 
Add the second side using the same batch piecing method used in step one. 
Be sure to keep your center piece oriented the same direction when you
add it to the strip. I also like to use the same fabric for both pieces. 
Roughly cut units apart as described in original post.
Finger press or use an iron to press lightly so you do not distort. 
Trim up each unit. Check back on Wednesday for a little trimming trick. 

Just joining us? Check out all the details here


  1. I finished sewing batch 1 yesterday, and am in the process of finger pressing and trimming. Looking forward to batch 2!

  2. when you've cut the block like you showed us this tiny blocks measures 2 inch square?