Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Road Trip Stitching

We recently returned from a road trip to Idaho for grandson #3's first
birthday. I always need a little sewing project to work on here and there.

Organizing the project is sometimes my favorite part! Here is my set up. 
I use stack-able plastic bins for all the little pieces. Our original ruler boxes
make the perfect dividers to keep everything organized. Pictured here
medium box and empty bobbin box. You can order some here. 
My Sew Together Bag is the perfect spot for all the stitching necessities. 
Thankfully this special bag was made by a sweet friend, bag making is not
 my favorite! I pieced the clam shell outside using Temecula Treasures and
Special Scraps my first two fabric lines and she performed all the magic. 
It is truly a "Special Treasure" 
It is just the cutest and I smile every time I unzip it!
I am using 5/8" hexagons and a 4-1/4" red square. I will be sticking to 
the color palette you see here. Reds, browns, pinks, blues, blacks and
grays. If you would like to join me you can order the hexagon papers
and an acrylic template here. You also could easily change up
your hexagon size and adjust your background square to fit.

This will be an ongoing project and the end results are
not really nailed down at this point. It is always nice to
have a little project to pick up when needed. 


  1. So beautiful! Love the organizational system!
    I love looking at hexie projects and wish I liked sewing them!

  2. That looks great! I would love a peek inside you see together bag. 🧐

  3. Very pretty. I usually take along sock knitting on road trips but hexies are also definitely portable. Think I'll put together my own kit for the road! Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. That's a great set up for your travelling sewing. It has everything too. Love the zipper bag

  5. The projects you share are so lovely, and I appreciate the beautiful photography, too.

  6. Me encanta ese proyecto, que sera un miniquilt?

  7. Would love a pattern for the bag. 😉