Monday, December 7, 2020

[TQC] Archives | Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas Cabins
If you have a little extra time on your hands grab 
the pattern for Christmas Cabins and some scraps
and make this holiday favorite
 Don't have enough time to make a whole quilt?
Make four blocks add some borders and make a
pillow, perfect for a long winter nap. 

Pillow Details
1. Make four Christmas Cabin blocks
2. Leave the last light log off
3. Add a 1-1/4" inner border and a 3-1/2" outer border
4. Finish pillow off using your favorite technique. 
[TQC] Archive projects no longer have kits available
unless otherwise indicated. We just want to make
you aware of the project available and hopefully
bring you a little Christmas cheer.


  1. All these patterns you've been showing are so cute. Wish I could sew faster.

  2. La colcha es muy bonita, pero el cojín es una preciosad, te felicito, tienes muy buen gusto.

  3. Hi! I have so enjoyed the Christmas quilt collection! It’s making my day:) every day since I’m dodging Covid at home! Thank you for the inspiration:) can you do 30 days of Christmas and then make a book too? Dear Santa... :)