Wednesday, December 9, 2020

[TQC] Archives | Twelve Days of Christmas

We Wish you a Mini Christmas
These little mini blocks, 2-1/4" finished are perfect for a quick
little project. Check out all the details here. 

These cute little pincushions make the perfect last minute gift.
Use the sew along patterns to make some of your favorite blocks.
I added two 1-1/4" cut borders and cut a back 4- 1/4" square.
With right sides together sew around square leaving a small 
opening, fill with your favorite filling. I like to use crushed
walnut shells [available in the reptile section at a pet store]
Stitch opening closed by hand and pop in a small gift bag. 
[TQC] Archive projects no longer have kits available
unless otherwise indicated. We just want to make
you aware of the project available and hopefully
bring you a little Christmas cheer.

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