Monday, August 30, 2021

TQC Journal | issue no. 12

This rainbow makes me happy! What a treat is to be able to design
fabric for Marcus Fabrics. This closet holds all my little treasures. 
Get your scraps ready for my next sew along, Back to School-house.
I will kick things off on Monday, September 20
I just wanted to let everyone know that I gave my 
blog a new name. I never really liked the sound of
the word "blog" so I am now calling my posts the 
TQC Journal. I will continue to post weekly in more
of a newsletter format. If you receive my posts in your
inbox you can always access all the material here. 
If you are not subscribed you can do so on the 
sidebar, I would love to have you. 
My Woven Block of the Month is in the mail and on its
way to all of you that signed up, thanks again for your 
continued support. We now have patterns available for
those of you who want a copy. You can order here. 


  1. your link to the woven block of the month pattern doesn’t work and it’s not listed under your patterns either.

  2. I found it. It is under Shop, Kitsand Bundles. Nice pattern!

  3. I'm excited about going back to school!

  4. TQC Journal is a great choice for naming your posts, I agree!
    Thanks for sharing so much good inspiration.

  5. WOW I don't think I would ever get anything done because I would be standing in front of that closet admiring the goodness and organization