Monday, October 2, 2023

TQC Journal | issue 92

These little blocks are so fun to make. I hope you are 
enjoying them. If you are just joining me you can
find all the Seasonal Stitches details here.

S e a s o n a l   S t i t c h e s
=  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  = = = = = =  
f i n i s h e d   q u i l t  24-1/2"x 28-1/2"

Pattern is available as a PDF download only.
Purchase Seasonal Stitches pattern below. 

I can't believe it is October! Does it feel like fall where you live?
This black and white churn dash is perfect for the spooky season ahead. 
If you have the 2023 Mini-a-Month Postcard Collection then you
are all set. Just pull it out and get started. This little quilt would
be cute in red and white too! I might need to get busy myself. 

I will have the 2024 Mini-a-Month Postcard Collection
ready to go soon. Here is a little sneak peek at the mini
quilts photo session. Look for all the details in
the next issue of the TQC Journal.

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  1. Lovely little blocks, thanks for lots of inspiration. I'm reading your book, Return to Temecula, again and it's excellent for color ideas and your stories behind the quilts. Thank you.