Friday, March 10, 2017

Learn to Hand Quilt.

 Hand quilting is so fun and a great way to finish a small
quilt. I am self taught and do not take myself to seriously.
Enjoying the process and getting it done are my top priorities.
We have put a kit together for you with the basics 
to get started. These beautiful pre-printed medallions from
the Elizabeth's Dowry line for Marcus Brothers are 
perfect for practicing hand quilting because there
 are no seams. We are offering two different size kits.
Large Kit has a 16" Medallion | Sold Out
Small Kit has a 8" Medallion | Still Available
Both kits will include the following
Pre-printed medallion | 8" or 16"
Backing fabric to fit medallion
Cotton flannel to fit medallion
Our favorite YLI hand quilting thread
John James needles | Sharps #9
Colonial Under Thimble
Frixion eraseable pen
Kits are available to order here
Lets get started. Layer your three pieces as follows
1. Lay your backing fabric right side down on work surface.
2. Lay cotton flannel on wrong side of backing material.
3. Place medallion on top of flannel right side up.
With your YLI thread baste all three layers
 together using large stitches as pictured above.
If you would like to stitch circles around
medallion mark stitch line using removable
fabric pen and small ruler. The Frixion erasable 
pen disappears when heated with iron.
Continue marking all the way to the corner.
We are using our Temecula Quilt Co Creative Grid ruler
to mark this project. If you would like to add this
handy ruler to your stash you can order one here.
Lets talk thimbles.
I have tried a lot of different styles. It was not until I purchased this one 
that I was able hand quilt with ease. The Thimble Lady does not sell 
to shops so you will need to order directly from her if you decide 
to invest in this thimble. You might need to try a few different styles 
until you find the one that works for you.We have a simple rubber
 thimble available on our website and you can order one here. 

OK lets get started. 
Place Under Thimble on left hand as pictured
(if you are left handed adjust accordingly)
Place thimble on right hand as pictured
Thread needle and tie a tiny knot in the end of thread. 
- - - - - - - 
If you are starting quilting in center of project
 Pull knot through fabric with a little tug and
position needle where you would like to start. 
If you are starting quilting at the edge of project
hide know under quilt top.
- - - - - - -
Load 4 or 5 stitches onto needle with a rocking motion. 
The Under Thimble is there so you do not poke your finger.
Scrape the Under Thimble with the needle with each stitch.
I do not hoop my hand quilting projects, I find it
easier to maneuver quilt top and get a few more stitches
on my needle. Unconventional maybe but it works for me.
- - - - - - -
Continue stitching as desired. I try to run out of
thread on the outside of my project so I can tie a small
slip knot. If this is not possible you can bury the thread.
I use a single thickness | 1-1/2" binding. It is less bulky
than a traditional binding and gives a little quilt a softer feel.
Check out our Finishing A Small Quilt tutorial here.
I hope you will give hand quilting a try. It just adds
a little something extra to a special project. 

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