Monday, January 15, 2018

Mini Monday

Will you be joining us for Mini Mondays? If you purchased 
one of our Mini a Month Postcard Collections then you are 
all set for a fun year of mini making. If you would like to join 
us but still need the Postcard Collection you can purchase one here.  
I love the quirky nature of antique doll quilts. They are
the inspirations for all the Mini Monday quilts. This 
flying geese quilt was found on an auction site that no
longer has any information on the original quilt. 
When making a special little quilt pay close attention
to the details that will make it look vintage and handmade. 
Antique doll quilts were made using little pieces from
the scrap basket. So a little of this and a little of that is perfect. 

I hand quilt all my doll quilts. It is the perfect way to practice
and get more comfortable with hand quilting. We have a little
tutorial that lays out the simple details for finishing a small 
quilt. Take a look at the tutorial here

If you would like to join us for the rest of the year and make 
a darling little pile of small quilts you will need to purchase 
our 2018 Mini | a | Month Postcard Collection.
You can find them here. Supplies are limited.

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news and check back here Friday for all the details.
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