Monday, August 2, 2021

TQC Journal | Summer 2021 - issue no. 9

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Summer is drawing to a close. Spend a lazy day piecing this 
simple log cabin Mini Monday project.
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Grab your Mini-a-Month Postcard Collection and get started.

 The Mini-a-Month Postcard Collection is sold out for this year 
but I have the 2022 (yikes!) version in the works now, stay tuned. 
Potholder Quilt
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I have a few projects that I pull out and work on from time
to time. This project is one of them. It is going to be a little 
potholder quilt made from my little leftovers. What is a potholder 
quilt? You can read all about them here. I will be trying to finish
this little cutie up this week. I will keep you posted. 

"Sew Time"
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Kenny wanted to do a little sewing this week. We started
out making a pillow for his bed. He picked the fabric from
a pile of precut squares. He sewed them together and when 
he was done, changed his mind. He wanted an apron for his 
lemonade stand. He learned a valuable lesson in un-sewing.
He split the piece in two and made one for himself and one
for his little bother Henry. We used a canvas apron from
Home Depot and attached the patchwork piece to the front.
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This scrappy project is fun and super simple. Grab a copy
 of this discounted PDF pattern now or for a future project. 

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  1. Wow! Kenny, you did a great job on the aprons. Next time, you can work on a quilt. Thanks for sharing with us, Sheryl.