Monday, September 13, 2021

TQC Journal | issue no. 14

Mini Monday Sewing Bee 
Get caught up on all the details here. 
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Cutting is for one block, repeat to make four blocks

from first print, cut: 2 squares, 3" x3"
from second print, cut: 2 squares, 3" x 3"

Use 3" squares to make four half-square-triangles as follows;
Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on wrong side
of lighter 3" square. Layer a marked square on top of second
print square, right sides together. Sew 1/4" from both sides of
drawn line. Cut on line to yield two half-square-triangles units.
Trim the units to measure 2-1/2" square, including seam
allowances. Make four units. 

Arrange the half-square-triangle units in two rows of two,
noting orientation of each unit. Sew the units together
in rows. Join the rows to make a Pinwheel block measuring
4-1/2" square, including seam allowances. 

Aren't these the cutest little things you have ever seen!
I have three daughters, each creative in their own way.
(still trying to turn at least one of them into a quilter)
Stephanie my middle daughter has picked up the ceramics
bug and is doing a lot of making in her spare time. She
made me one of these Pom-Pom Pincushions for Mothers
day last year and I thought you might like one too! 

She got busy and made me a limited supply. They are perfect
 in a little sewing box or basket to hold your pins or threaded
needles. They would make the sweetest little gift for
yourself or a friend, you can purchase one here.  

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