Monday, September 20, 2021

TQC Journal | issue no. 15

Back to School-house | Back to Basics
This fun quilt is full of basic blocks and borders galore. 
It is the perfect way to use up scraps and who doesn't need to do that!
I will do my best to keep you on track with weekly reminders,
basic tips and photos to inspire. Lets get started. 

You will need to purchase the Back to School-house pattern.
It is formatted in easy to follow weekly instructions and is
available as a PDF download only. Buy now and lets get started.
I have a limited number of kits for the borders. 
You can order one here while supplies last. 

Are you ready to get Back to School-house?
First up these darling Schoolhouse blocks. Use your
pattern to make four Schoolhouse blocks. 

Go slow and sew carefully and these little cuties will
come together in no time. Enjoy!

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