Monday, August 1, 2022

TQC Journal | issue 59

Lets have a little end of summer fun and make a quilt together.
This project will be full of simple blocks and will be great to use
up some of the favorites that are filling your scrap basket. 
Here are a few of the important details. 

Summer Scrap Basket Sew Along
Finished Quilt  |   Approximately 21" x 23"
Finished Blocks  |  2-1/2" square 

Fabric Requirements
A variety of light, medium and dark prints
1/4 yard tan print
1/4 yard brown stripe

I will be making my quilt in the postholder style.
Check out my other potholder projects here and here
This way I can finish up as I go and I think it adds 
such a fun little detail to a small quilt. 

If you would prefer to do a more traditional setting
I will be providing that information in the finishing
post at the end of the sew along.  

I will be teasing you with all the fun and colorful prints
that make up my next collection Material Madders.
I will start taking pre-orders towards the end of the month.
Material Madders is due to arrive September/October,
take a closer look here. Lets get started!

Summer Scrap Basket Sew Along
= = = Four Patch = = =

Cutting instructions are for one block = Make 6 blocks
From two different prints, cut: 2 squares 1-3/4" x 1 3/4"

Layout squares out in two rows of two. Sew the squares into rows.
Join the rows to make a Four Patch block. Make six blocks
 measuring 3" square, including seam allowances. 

Join the six Four Patch blocks into a horizontal row,
measuring 3" x 15-1/2" long, including seam allowances.

If you are choosing to make your quilt in the potholder style
use this video on finishing a small quilt to hand or machine 
quilt the row and finish up with a single thickness binding. 
I cut my single thickness binding 1-1 /2" and you will need
a whole width of fabric for each row. 


  1. That new fabric line is awesome! I’m looking forward to ordering it!!!

  2. I need to be making something small, so thanks for the inspiration, Sheryl!

  3. What size binding did you use please. Couldn’t find it in your links. Anyway…your upcoming fabric line is a joy!!!

    1. I use a 1-1/2" single thickness binding on my little quilts.