Monday, August 15, 2022

TQC Journal | 61

Summer Scrap Basket Sew Along
= = = Pinwheel = = =

Cutting instructions are for one block = Make 6 blocks
From two different prints, cut: 2 squares, 2-1/4" x 2-1/4"

Draw a diagonal line on wrong side of lighter squares. Sew 1/4"
from both sides of the drawn line. Cut on line to yield four
half square triangles. Trim each unit to 1-3/4" square, including
 seam allowances. Layout half square triangles in two rows of two.
Sew the units into rows. Join the rows to make a Pinwheel block
  Make six blocks measuring 3" square, including seam allowances.

Join the six Pinwheel blocks into a horizontal row,
measuring 3" x 15-1/2" long, including seam allowances.

Check out this post for finishing instructions and
all the Summer Scrap Basket Sew Along details. 

Early bird gets the worm or pretty fabric in this case. 
I will be introducing all the Material Madders project
in the weeks to come, but all the preorder information
is on the website and ready for your order. 
Check out all the details here

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